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Hi AS,

I installed 002048 template by quick start package, but I did not find the article navigation menu, how can I do to show the article navigation menu it? Could you help me?

Thanks in advance!
Regards, Steven
We are sorry, but the template doesn't have article: navigation menu.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS,

I installed 002048 template by style1 of quick start package, how can I modify home page "Why You Have Choose Our Designs"'s contents? For example: Support Services, Responsive Design.

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Steven
The content is published in module position 7 as Custom HTML module.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS,

First,thank you very much for your previous answers.
I have another question:
I noticed that the default Joomla's version of the 002048 template is 3.0.3, it can be applied to the Joomla 3.1 version?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Steven
You can update Joomla to 3+ version after installing the quick-start package without any problems.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, first thanks for pay atention to this question, i am new in all this abput joomla and before i decided to ask you i look for the answer on de web but i dont found it, the cuestions are..

1.- How can i add another space for phone in the contact us form
2.- In home how can i change the information in the dynamic banner
3.- In services sections where can i change the titles in red "Design services"; "Hosting Services", "Development Services" and "SEO Services"

for the moment i think thats all, thanks for you patient and answer.

Carlos Arzamendi

1. Default Joomla forum doesn't have such option, you may use comma, or ask for our services in case to develop such option.
2. Do you mean slider in position 5? You can change the slider parameters in you joomla admin panel -> module manager -
Mj-Slideshow (position 5).
3. You have to edit articled under category Our Services

Regards, AS Team.
i tried to install the quick start package 1 and and appeared this message:JInstaller: :Instalar: No se ha podido encontrar el archivo XML de configuración de Joomla!

What should I do?

Please read this article :

Regards, AS Team.

I uploaded and installed the quickstart style 1 with no problems and started working on the site. In articles I have deleted the page "what people say about us" and I wanted to use the same formating for one of my pages. I can't reinstall quickstart as I've put in hours of work already. Can you please email me the html code for that article page so I can create a new article?

Sorry, we can't help you in this case , try reinstall quickstart package one more time.

Regards, AS Team.
I want to purchase quickstart style 1 but before this I want to know that I can add multiple pages with same formating.

You can add or change anything in purchased template.

Regards, AS Team.
I am installing dome template but I got error -----

"JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file"
I installed license version on joomla 2.5.11. But after successful installation, template doesn't show in Template Manager. How can show it or how can make default template for my site

We recommend to install quickstart installation package.
Full information how to do that you can find here :

Also you can order installation services via current page :

Regards, AS Team.
I'm using Joomla 3.1.1 and I installed template by myself.
Well, I can't see google map module in contact window even in quick install version.
Is it possible to make gogle map module visible in contact (component) with custom instalation of Joomla, too? If yes, how?
Our suggestion is install the template using quick-start installation package, after installing it your site will look exact like our demo preview and it will be much easy to make any changes.

Regards, AS Team.
The question was: Is it possible to make gogle map module visible in contact (component) with custom instalation of Joomla, too? If yes, how?
I don't want to install quick-start...
There's no place ("window") for that module when I install everything manually. Why?
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