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Color for italic text:
I use Body Font "Roboto", Background Patterns "Pattern2". When I use "italic" (<em> </em>) within the text, the word in italic has the color orange.

What can I do that the color (only for italic text) changes to another color #666666 when I write a word in italic?

When I change the color in the template Profile "Secondary Color" the color changes for the italic text but the color in the main menue changes as well. And it is not possible to choose the color (gray) #666666.

Listing with dots:
When I write a listing of 3 lines for example, in the editor it shows me the 3 lines and on each line at the beginning of the text a dot. But in the Frontend no dots are visible.

What can I do that the dots are also shown in the frontend respectively on the Homepage?

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards
Many thanks for your efforts but the homepage is not officially online yet. In the meantime I could manage to change the colour for "italic" text.

Within the template - css/base.css:

em, code {color: #d50;}

Line 17 #d50 change to #666666

The one I still could not manage is the "listing with dots" - "unordered list". In the backend the dots listed will be shown correctly but in the frontend no dots are visible. Is this controlled by the template?

What can I do?

Kind regards,


As soon as I active https (joomla force https) the website fonts do not show correctly (all fonts, body fonts and menue fonts, are bigger, bold).
Where do I have to change separately this URL from http to https, to solve this problem?

Kind regards,
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