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Dear all, unfortunately no reaction from your side so far :-(. In the meanwhile, Joomla 3 Support has finished and we are forced to find a solution. Any suggestions from your side? Thank you for attendance! Regards Gerd

We are also being told to upgrade to Joomla! 4. Is this template supported under 4? If not, what is the recommended path forward?
The current template version is not supporting yet Joomla 4, we are working on it, sorry, it takes time.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS Team,
So I understand that there will be an update for TEMPLATE 002055 in the near future? Could you please confirm this? If we can be sure about that, I would be happy to order a license!
Hi everybody, is there a slight chance to get an updated version of 002055 template that will support PHP 8 / Joomla! 4? It would be really great if you could post a notice here, since we are hoping for an updated version urgently for our project website in Tanzania: If there is no solution within the next days / weeks - could you recommend a more or less similar template as replacement? Then, under licensed version, naturally :-). Hopefully you understand that we are reluctant to license the template until it is clear that we can continue to use it. Or are there other options, e.g. direct fixing by AS developers online? It would be great to her from you soon :-). Kind regards, Gerd
We are planning to release the new version compatible with PHP 8 and Joomla 4 at the end of this week.

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for the quick reply ... and ...I would rate that as VERY good news! Looking forward to it! Kind regards Gerd
Hi every body, eventually, I tried to buy an extended license (39,00 USD) for template 210-002055 some minutes ago. Something went wrong - in my Purchased items area appears, however template 002048. Would it be possible to correct this? Thank you very much!
Corrected, THANK YOU!
Now the 002055 Template appearéd in my purchased items, and I coul dowload it. Regards Gerd
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