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Indeed I resolved on the problem, thank you very much anyway for your reply.

What size image do you recommend to decrease loading time? Also, is the loading time affected by my cache settings for Joomla? If so, what should the settings be? If I cannot decrease loading time to my satisfaction, a) may I use another gallery in place of yours, b) would it be responsive, and c) in order to add it to home page would I simply use the same module position?
In our demo the size of the images approximately 450Kb.
Yes, if you are using cache your site should work much faster.
You can use any other slide gallery, but we will not be able to help you in this case, our support team is not providing free support to any third-party extensions.

Regards, AS Team.
we started with free template and finally bouth the full one but we have iisue to set the gallery vies as in demo.
We get that error message: gallery_item
can you help us understand what miss?
thank you
Hello HTTP5000,
It looks like you have deleted the category or all articles from the category, please check the menu item 'formations' it should point on some article or category.

Regards, AS Team.

The category and the articles in this category exist and are published, the menu points to the right category. I want to have the same presentation as the page "services" on the template demo, but when I put the same settings that in the example site I get this error 500. Any other solution ?

Thank you
Hello HTTP5000,
We have to see this issue, can please provide us with an access to your Joomla admin panel? The info please put in the Special info area under your purchased items of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
I have to have an email adress to create the user, can you tell me an email adress I can use ?
I created the User. Thank you for helping
Hello HTTP5000,
Sorry, can't connect to the admin area, please check the username and password:

Regards, AS Team.

I have re-created the user with the same info, please re-try.

Hello HTTP5000,
Still doesn't work, please try to login with the provided info by yourself.

Regards, AS Team.

As this problem is blocking us for finishing the site for our client, can you help us as soon as possible ?

Thank you,
Hello HTTP5000,
Did you make any changes in the template source code? Because it works just fine with the free version, if not our suggestion is reinstall the template, please do not forget about backup.

Regards, AS Team.

In the Gallery View (page "Services" on the Demo), we would like to make the image link to full article instead of going into slideshow when clicked, is it possible ? How can we do this ?

Thanks for your help !
Hello HTTP5000,
You have to create a menu item and point it to your article.

Regards, AS Team.
how do you change copyright information i cannot find it
position 31 i cant change the copy right information because its not there

i am NOT using demo, when i type in slogan text it doesnt show up just the demo text

Even if I create a menu item, how do I make the image point at it instead of going into lightbox/slideshow when clicked ?

Also I would like to delete the logo in footer, but keep it in header, how can I do that ?

Thank you
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