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The quick-start package should be installed like regular Joomla installation, the installation documentation you can find here:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team,

I did followed the instructions as mentioned using Quickstart package, but the installation just stuck at the sample installation section and just stayed there without further actions. I had to close the browser to get out (I did wait for couple hours before closing the browser.)

If I installed the package without the sample data, it was fine. The template was installed.

I need the sample data for guidance. Would you please show me how to get the sample data installed?

We need an access to your server please, the info please put in the Special info area under your Purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team
is there a chance to use different bg.wrapper.png in template as002061?
Startpage for example with white bg.wrapper.png other pages with gray bg.wrapper-dark.png?

In the template settings I can´t find a way to change the background.

Thanks for your help
We are sorry, the template doesn't have such option, it should be developed.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team!
I'd like to make in the position 2 linear menu like here
Show All Windows Installation Doors Installation Roofing Works

In my case I have additional decration >
What should I do to make this menu like your?

Thank you.
This is not a menu, this is a filter which included in the gallery.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team!
How can i use Phoca Gallery in articles?

Thanks for you help!
We are not using Phoca extension in articles, only in modules, we think you have to contact Phoca directly and ask how to implement the extension in articles:

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, how can I get the pictures for projects in home as demo?
Our suggestion is to install it using quick-start installation package, after installing the package your site will look exact like our demo preview page and it will be easy for you to make changes in the content, preview all parameters and settings. The quick-start package is actually the template documentation. If by some reason you can't install it on your live server you can install on some demo server or demo folder and then preview all settings.
The package should be installed like regular Joomla installation, here you can find some more info:

Regards, AS Team.
1) i'm trying to reduce distance between the menu voices in position-3 and i see padding is set to 0 in ext.default.css
How can i do that other way?

2) can i expand div logo lenght?

Thank you David
What is your site url please? We will check it and let you know.

Regards, AS Team.
Can i send you a PM for the login infos?
The login details please put in the Special info area under your Purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
Ok. i put it
Please see
'/modules/mod_as_menu/css/ext.default.css' file the following class (line 73)

#as-menu > li + li
margin-left: 33px !important;

BTW, you do not have any published modules in position 3, the menu is published in position 1.

Regards, AS Team.
i added new articles in a category linked to Newsflash (Advanced) module but i can't make them follow the same behaviour as the other that was in the quickstart installation.

For example clicking on the read more in the module, the articles open in the homepage and have Options enabled the original don't have.

i tried the "save as new" but didn't make the trick.

Any suggestion?
Thanks David
i solved.
I realized i had to link them to the menu "our projects".
Hi AS team,

Is it possible to install the sample data in an existing joomla installation. (I'll tryed to install the quick start package but it failed). The AS template is already installad in this installation

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