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We fixed it, you updated the template but forgot to update extensions.

Regards, AS Team.
Oh no! Were the extension updates not showing up in the updates list in the backend of the site? I don't recall seeing any there.

In any case, thank you for fixing this up, and I will make a note to remember to update extensions as provided in the zip file when I next apply a template update.

Hi. Just set this up on and although I can access the backend I get the following message when I try to access the front end:

This redirect url is not allowed, you should change the "Allowed domains for the redirection via the module" parameter from the AcyMailing configuration page to "localhost|" to allow it or set it to "all" to allow all urls.

I've searched the Acymailing plugins and config page and found nothing that makes sense. I get this message with the site online too.

I have touched nothing in the backend yet. Any ideas?

Ref my last: fixed it, don't worry, thanks.
I have a problem with logo and menu. First, in any size my logo is a little bit out of frame. Second, in Modules: mod_as_menu-advanced options when I change layout in styles, instead of default, my menu disappear. What should I do?
The mod_as_menu-advanced has only one default style, you can not set any other.
Sorry, not quite understand regarding the menu, we do not see any problems, can you please provide us with more info?

Regards, AS Team.
My Main Menu consists of serveral menu items. When I hover my mouse over the menu item, it shows the sub-menu items. However, when I click on the menu item or sub-menu item the sub-menu items disappear.
Just checked, it is working fine, in which browser do you have such problem?

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, last September I updated the template on my client's site to version 2.5.0, and I just noticed that a whole lot of content is missing, eg modules in as-position-22, as-position-23 etc.

From the template code in index.php, I can see that there has been a change
previous template version 1.2.0:
lin 221 <?php if ($this->countModules('as-position-22')): ?>

version 2.5.0 version:
line 219 <?php if ($this->countModules('as-position-22') && !$hideByView): ?>

What is this 'hideByView'? This is causing my modules to not be displayed. What is this and how do I stop it from hiding my modules?

Also, when error reporting for the site is set to development the following warnings are received: I am using PHP 7.1.25
Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /xxxxxx/modules/mod_as_menu/tmpl/styles.php on line 22

Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /xxxxxx/modules/mod_as_menu/tmpl/styles.php on line 26

You have login access already, so can you please have a look into this issue for me?
On which pages we can see the problem with modules please?

Regards, AS Team.
An example of one of the pages having this issue is /index.php/renovation-display-properties/general-renovations , there are multiple modules published in module positions as-position-22, as-position-23, as-position-24 which should be showing on this page.

I would prefer not to paste the full URL, but you know the domain from my details on file.

All fixed, please check.

Regards, AS Team.
I use the module AS ArtSlider. I want to publish on position as-position-5, In this position I can't see the slider. In position as-position-3, it works.

Where can be the Probleme?
Joomla!-Version 3.9.4

I can give you access to the backend. Send me your Email address where I can send you the information.

What is you website url please? Have you installed it using quick-start installation package?

Regards, AS Team.
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