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the problem still continues. Would you please check Quick start? A very important issue, I expect a quick solution. I bought the package but I can not use.

I've sent to the email addresses. When the problem is resolved within 5 business days Could you give me information

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side bar a position not work? Please advise.
Comment in status pending...

It will be published after it has been approved by the Website Administrator.
Comment in status pending...

It will be published after it has been approved by the Website Administrator.
I just purchased this item but when I tried to install it freezes on the '3:Overview' page in Creating Database Tables about 1/3 of the progress bar.
I need to get this project started today. I would appreciate if somebody will respond to me right away. Please check the screenshot: Thanks! -Keven
hi after a long time you remember me? The quickstart package is that already. you promised me, as soon as he was done with the Quickstart 2.5 you would email me. How about that?
I find the site works pretty slow .... I have purchased. ssd package but it is slow. actually I regret that I have purchased an extended package

Hello, how can I install a german language package?
The Joomla! 2.5 - 3 Template - Cafe la Adventure EN INSTALLATION IN JOOMLA 3.3.3 OR ONLY IN JOOMLA 2.5

First the templates are very beautiful, and after much research on google I found the site I would like to take some questions.

1 can do the installation in joomla 3.3.6 the latest version has support or not?

2 installation to equal the model demopreview is the "Default Sample Data Inglês."

3 had already done changing menu, placed pictures and logo. If I do a new installation or an upgrade of the templates, as not to lose the work I've done on the site?

4 Once the site is ready and I slowly realize that even though my internet is fast. Where should I optimize the site for quick stay.

5- That banner below the main home menu when images of it not appear, the main reason for that?

If you need to send some answer for my question or my email is
This template is install for a customer on the next page and since then have trouble getting the menu and logo are achieved see on mobile devices

when viewed in Annex AsTemplate excellent picture looks as seen as you can see the menu looks great and works

but when I put on my site I could never make it look

I saw recently made a version 2 template so the download and install in thinking that this would solve and would look like in AsTemplate, but the problem persists

thus minimizing seen in chrome

whether seen in my cell

shut myself in yellow circles where you should see the menu

they could help me fix this Probelma thanks
thanks for answering and achieves put the menu for mobile devices thank you very much

as it pertains to small logo I can not make it look could give me the code to put in the html advanced and I put it in the normal way and fails to be

thank you very much in advance
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