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Hello, I just bought the template scrolllite, and I have no uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times, I have changed the the footer location to everything possible, I have used the quickstart instal and just the template instal and yet for some reason no matter what I do my footer is where my header should be and my header is where my footer should be... my website is could you please let me know why it's doing this before I move on with customizing it, and how to fix this. Thank you
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Hello, I bought this template, and upload it into my host, which is hostgator, but it is not showing up in my website nor my joomla template manager. I uploaded the quickstart file, but nothing showed up. I had one before this template that was working fine. Now I checked with my host support team, and they say everything seems to be fine, but check with the author why it is not working. So why it is not working?
Hi, I just purchased a single license for TM Scrollite. I would like to set everything up on my practice domain first before moving it to the actual domain. Is it possible to change the domain later so I can set everything up on the practice domain in order to minimise the downtime? Thanks, Tai.
Hello TAICHEN86,
Yes, you can, the info you can put in the Special info area under your purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
I've just installed the Scrollite template in a subdirectory of my nominated website (not sure if this is the issue) but after going through the installation process, it's showing a blank page.

I'd like to set everything up on a subdirectory first, to minimise downtime. If this is the issue would you be able to change the domain name temporarily to the subdirectory? I tried to put this info in the special info area but the text is not saving properly.

Many thanks,
I'm getting a completely bank page when selecting the Scrollite template.

Every time I do the quickstart upload it installs no problem, the website looks like it should. But when I go to upload a picture, I can upload it to the backend of Joomla, but then when I click on the newly uploaded picture to upload the picture into the template itself it won't click on the picture so I can't upload it.

But if I update Joomla from 3.2.3 to 3.3.0 then I can upload the pictures but then the actual website itself goes all wonky. All off the effects of the one page template are gone, the social media icons become printed coding on the main page, the about us section instead of going in a set of 4-square with cool effects, only has a spot for a picture no words and it does one blow the other , and the gallery loses the effects it has and just becomes a spot for pictures with no slide over effects.

Is there a way to either fix it so that the pictures will upload to the site without the need to update Joomla, or to make the template work with the new update?

I had the site up and working no problem a couple days ago, and then it crash saying it couldn't find my SqLData data base or something like that, I got that fix, and but when I logged back into the backend of joomla joomla could no longer find it's editor so I couldn't work on content. So I deleted it and started over and since then I've been having this issue. I have repeatedly, tried reinstalling it, but I keep getting the same effect. I've even re-downloaded it from your site to get a fresh copy just in case and it's still doing it.

Please help!

I have problems with the portfolio, there is no content shown when you go to the link. How can you change this?

I'm on despair with this template, the main menu does not work I he open any link, if I is the branding on Hidde put the entire front page away. Please Help

Another error message
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach () in / var/www/web1164/html/webmedia/plugins/system/helix/layout/generated.php on line 235
I have 2 problems need help:
- In the demo, when up Scroll down the menu bar exam is played according to the corresponding header. But in my site does not.
- In my site the "Portfolio" can not sorted by catalog order to choose Android, Windows, Apple. Simultaneously pressing the "Show all" is running on your home page.
Hello Templatemesh,
I'm not good at English, you sympathize.
Can you give me mail address, I will send photos containing position editing.
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