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Hi, I installed the demo package scrollite , everything works except the portfolio section , I can not change the category because at the click displays the header and the buttons do not work more details , the link goes to # tm_portfolio- (Article ID ) I ... also tried to disable the jquery slideshow module but it does not work anyway.
Sorry but I do not speak English and I'm using the google translator

I installed the demo version and am having several problems.

1) The scroller shows the background image however the png images for the mobile phone tablet and pc are showing up as "previews" image. When I looked in the images folder these images are previews and not the images shown in the demo version of your site. How can I download the correct images?
2) The scroll up button doesn't show even though it is configured to show.
3) the map is cut off at the bottom and i can't see the footer or move down.

The site address is -

Thanks for your help
Hello, I bought the scrollite theme, when I’m finishing the theme configuration o the template options, what you call helix j3 stops working and does not let me save changes I need to see if you can help me, that error is delaying me developing a website for a client.
I would like to ask if the template will work properly with Joomla 3.8 ?
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