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I moved the slider in position 6 and it still does it, but when it does it, the blue header covers the entire position 5 and the menu appears vertically, and even though I can see position 6, the slider is blank. I switched to a different slider and the same thing. I just cannot figure out what it does it. It is so infrequent but it bugs that it does it even once a day. Must be a template conflict between loading of the header and the slider. Thanks for responding to my trouble.

I've ask last week for help, but I didn't get an answer until today.

What happened?

Kind Regards Sabrina
Hello MEMELE23,
Sorry, we do not see any questions from you regarding the item 002067, can you put your question one more time.

Regards, AS Team.
Sorry, now I'm in the wrong group, it was the group 2059

sorry for the mistake
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