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I'm Kyriakos and i bought from you a Joomla template named LT Shop. When i saw the demo preview i liked it very much! It was exactly what i wanted to do. But unfortunately i have many problems in working this template.
For example i try to edit the style of the template (e.g change the logo slogan, enter a logo image,preset style). Then i try to see a preview of the site to see the changes and i see an empty white page. Moreover the tap layout in Template Manager: Edit Style is full of error massages.
Can you help me to solve the problem?
Thank you !!!

Is this template compatible with Joomla 3.3.6 and HikaShop Starter 2.4.0?

Thank you and best regards!

Buongiorno, sto avendo problemi a far visualizzare il modulo breadcrumb in alcune pagine. ho configurato il modulo "su tutte le pagine" ma non si vede. grazie mille per chi mi risponderà
Buongiorno, dove trovo la documentazione per personalizzare il menù Off-Canvas? grazie mille
Buongiorno vi ringrazio della risposta ma non trovo il percorso templates\shaper_helixultimate\offcanvas. sto usando joomla 4 e il percorso da voi indicato non riesco a trovarlo.
grazie mille
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LT Shop
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Joomla 4 Product
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