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I like this template, but I need to use K2 for this website. Have you written the K2 css?

Thank you
Dear AS-Team,

you saying, template support K2 - does it mean it is included in the template ?

If yes, it has all the functions like comment function ?

Dear AS-Team,

don´t know but seems there is an error in the k2 function or css because of the "print and email "button" or text.

The Problem is, I created an artical on k2 as well a categorie but the "Print and Email "link" is sitting on the right below the articel itselfe instead of sitting on the top as you can see on your demo page - but I saw, you are using standard articel from joomla - not the k2.

In this case, can you fix it or help how I can get rid of it and get back the buttons/links up on top of the articel as it should be ?

thanks in advance
additional comment....

I tried to swap over to the standard article section of joomla but there another problem -
I cannot show only the two buttons "print and email"
those two will only showing up if categorie - date - author etc is as well displayed.
once I disable categorie - date etc. and keep print and email as active - they are not displayed.

never had this problem before

thanks for help
again me to my previous Message from yesterday,

Another error seems to be there - the standard search modul is active - I put it on a position but there is no image visible
only an "x" instead of e.g. a loop - even I uploaded a special image and called it as it should be "searchButton.gif"
nothing changed.

Hope you coming back very soon.
I bought this template this week already - LT Corporation

Thanks in advance
Demo preview is totally different from the theme i have downloaded. Have i wronged something?
thx for answering me , i did it but the template is different. pls check it for me.
Hello! Please, give me quickstart previous style (as on demo) for me too. Please, give me actual link on dropbox (may be to my email). Thank you very much!
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