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just a quick question: Most of the LTheme templates are without information about template installation, module positions & config., parameters, etc. Do you share this information? - maybe in the downloaded rar file? I think its hard to modify the template without it. Other templates have this HowTo's ...

Regards. KeKa289
Can you help please let me know why my slide does not go under logo, menus, etc.?
I installed the program, everything ok. The problem arises in the administrative part, I can not log in with my password and even with your password abc123. Why. I have to fix it immediately.
Best Regard Kingofline
Problem solved. thanks for the help
What is the different betwen lt_hosting_joomla_quickstart_package and lt_hosting_joomla_template_install_package? And why do i get a page without the background image?
And how is it possible to deactivate the gear wheel on the right side to choose a Color or a Background?
Yes i saw that. But i wouldn´t believe, that these complete code is only for this tool. So i´ll try it.
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I got it, forgot last message, thanks.

Just purchased the theme and the quickstart package only has .ini files for language.
same for main package. Where is all the regular stuff!

I am an experience user, and the file structure is not as usualy seen.

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