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Hello to all,

We are updating to Joomla 3.5 / PHP 7 , is the template compatible?

Thanks, looking forward
Hello to all,

Noted that in the customizer when you select a font (e.g. in the body) and click save the font is saved ok. However if you change any other setting and click save again, the font setting is lost. You need to always select the font every time you save if you want to retain it which is a pain. Can you pls confirm this issue?

Also noted the following:

New version available! Download Warp Theme Framework 7.3.24

Thanks in advance,
Great, looking forward.

Hello, maybe it's a good chance to have the updated template now with Joomla 3.6.0. Can i send you a personal IM with my email address?

Thanks for the prompt reply; no worries then, can wait :)

I want to acquire a template for my video website.
I am reviewing curently the features and architeture of Entertainer PT templates, and i seek the following clarifications:

1. Does the slider on the home page play audio alone, and not video as well?

2. Can the black/dark background color scheme be changed to something lighter? Do we have a setting for that?


hello is the slider integrated in the template?
is the audio player with the template?

Greetings dirk
Hello I have bought the Template Entertainer PT.
Then install the latest Joomla version and then the template.
If I want to activate the template now in the admin area the error message

0 Call to a member function get() on null
ALso I did it so far.
However, I get the admin menu shows that the unite-slider needs an update.
This I can not do on the page because he says the update link would be wrong ... If the unite-slider but not up-to-date he poses a security problem! What can I do ?
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