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A very good template, unfortunately not for e-commerce...
I lose a lot of time trying to find which mistake I made during the installation process with the shopping cart, until I run the demo here to discover that the official demo had the same error message !
You should definitively fix that bug, or otherwise don't sell this template claiming it includes e-commerce solution.

Run the demo, go to any shop, put something in your cart, then go to view cart.
What a nice and flashy error message ! Sure your clients won't go any further !

I'm sure it's not a big bug, the "images" js cart is trying to create aren't important, but please fix it, the rest of the template is really good.

Rate 5 for the show, but for e-commerce...need to find another one.
Hello again,

Great news ! it all works now !
I turn some plugins on ( Extension/Plugin manager/ enable almost everything), and now the error message has disappeared.
Unfortunately I cannot say which one was the culprit, I tried to repeat the error again, but I've not found yet, and there are so much plugins ! And I admit that I'm too happy with a working template to put it down again...
Should you find what was at stake, could you post a comment again, I'd be glad to pass the information to the J2store team that was quite helpful as well.

All the best,

i´ve bought an extended Licence from that entertainer template. But there are no different styles to load.. There is only one default style, whereas in your description there is spoken from 5 different layouts, when creating a new style..

So i would like to get your support for getting such boxes as shown on your demo page for my content.. I don´t know how to manage it.

The domain i use for creating the new layout is:

I would like to ask you to have a look at it, and then tell me what to do.

For the rest i am happy to have purchased that template, it is great.

regards from Germany,
Hi, i´ve bought your template and took it for designing my homepage (look at

after upgrading Joomla to version 3.4.1 the template is not running properly anymore..

I need help.

You can see the displaying errors, when visitin my homepage..

Kind regards from Germany,

Very good template, great job!!

Just a question, i receive a msg to update the Warp framework, what is the recommended procedure?

Great, thanks, noted; looking forward then.

Great thanks for the update, downloaded.

What is the recommended way of updating though? I cannot see any installation file. Should i overwrite everything again? (I had installed the quickstart initially)

Ok great, thanks!
Hi there,

I purchased this template today. It said both 2.5 and 3 joomla were supported but only came with a joomla 3 install package. When I installed with 2.5 it gave me a whole host of jquery errors etc. Please assist.

Hi there, a side note to the previous comment. I tried to install the quickstart package in joomla 3x and it gave me a jinstaller error no xml file.

Thanks again for your support.
Thank you! I think I will give Joomla 3x a try first. If I have any issues with 3x ill contact you for the 2.5 version. Thanks again.

Hi there,

I was able to load joomla and the website perfectly however I am having issues with the Joomla admin. The "save", "save & close" and "save new" buttons do not work for several sections. I cannot save any changes in Global settings or to any modules. Cancel is the only button that functions in these sections.

Thank you for your assistance.
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