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Unfortunately I've come across another problem.
When trying use images in menus as either separators or menu heading it completely wrecks the entire site.
Error: 0 Cannot access protected property Joomla\CMS\Menu\MenuItem::$params

Which php version the theme uses? I tried to instal this theme with newest version of xampp with php 8. and it did not work properly. After a long fight and many attempts I managed to instal joomla, but I cannot do anything as there are hundreds of errors that mostly refers to database
Hi, thank you for quick replay. For now there is another question - is there any in-depth tutorial on how to customize the site? I found this site: but honestly it simply does not describe accurately the things you can find on the actual site. For instance - I'd like to change the google map in contact module, so on tutorial the is an advice to go to global configuration and find "editor" option first and disable it. The problem is that there is no such option. The only one is called "default editor" and each try to change it to "none" ends the same - error appears and the option is set again to previous version of editor. Second thing - today I entered the administrator site and there was an information that PHP 7.x is no longer supported so I should change PHP at least to 8.0.x, so I did and now when I try to edit frontend there is an error and I can't do anything. Third thing - I tried to customize gallery - it looks like it doesn't matter how many categories or galleries I create - on the main site appears only one - default one. I also cannot change some pictures on the site - I have no idea where to find an option for changing the background picture on main site. I tried to do it another way, just changing the picture in media folder and giving the new picture the same name - in the past it worked, but here when I delete the old photo and upload the new one with the name of old photo, some kind of magic happens an the new photo changes again for the old one.... Magic... Please help!
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LT Photography
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