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Hi LTheme,

Is whole demo of the LT Event Template available in kickstarter version after purchase ?
I really would like to my site look very similar.

Best Regards,
Hello LTheme,

i bought a standard licence and installed it.

Too bad that i had to buy extra plugins, to achive the same look and feel as shown on the demo page. No informations regarding this in the description.

- Unite Revolutions Slider 25$
- Ohanah list of events 49$

Several modul positions won't work (left, right, social, ...)


Kind regards, Ice
Hi folks,
nice template, everything works quite well, but it seems the maps integration is not working correctly. I used the quickstart package, but I also saw, there are no maps displayed in your demo installation.
I think there should be an Ohanah Event map and also one at the contact based on your configuration...

Can you assist on that topic?

I just bought this template and i'm working on a new website for a client. I have a few problems:

- How can i turn off the spinning wheel on the homepage (layout type and background image)

- Why doesn't the slider work on mobile phones? I checked the mobily visability settings on the Unite Revolution Slider 2 already.

Kind regards,
Jos Baltus (Netherlands)
Thanks for your support!

Ik still have a small problem with this template while viewing on my mobile phone: the menu button is invisible unless I swipe over the area. Is there a possibility to show the menu button all the time?

Kind regards,
Jos Baltus

The Netherlands

Kind regards,
Jos Baltus

The Netherlands
Hello, please read my conversation with ohanah support bellow. Could you help me find Czech language files for ohanah, please? I just can´t find it anywhere. How do I switch it to Czech?
Thanks for help

Hi Marie,
We ship Ohanah with all languages included in the zip file, so Ohanah automatically install the languages that are present on the site at the moment of the installation. Since you got Ohanah from, please refer to their support.
The other option is that you purchase Ohanah subscription at and enjoy the full support from the creators of the extension.
Ohanah is open source and by paying for the subscription on our site you are paying for support and easy access to the new versions. Also, that way you support further development.
Let us know if we can do anything else for you.

Please read previous conversation bellow. As I wrote, I need to download Czech language file for my web. Igor has referred me to support portal. However I can´t enter support without logging into members center. I´ve bought ohanah as a part of joomla template (LT Event) from Could you send me Czech language files on my email?
Thanks a lot
Marie Kocábová

please open a support ticket on our support portal regarding the issue and we will gladly help. We can't provide a support here because this is our presales channel
Thank you for understanding!

I´ve bought joomla template with ohanah component built in. Now I need to switch it to Czech language. Where can I do it, please? Do I need to download language files? Where can i find them?
Thanks for help
Marie Kocábová
Dear ASTeam,
the Events Calendar seems to be an separate Plugin or an extension?, where can I get it from?
Thank you,
Regards Anja
Hi there,

I bought this template for, site is not yet online, but I got a minor problem. The contact form (single contact) shows only a single row in the 'message' area, when you insert text, a scroll bar appears. Where can I adjust the size of that field so at least 10 rows show?
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