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I want to buy this template (AgroCorp PT). But I want to know how to add action de to the form shortcode.
I mean, If I hit the button submit for example, where to put the action file (for example doSomething.php).
This is beacuase I can't see the admin console right now.
Thank you in advance.

Khalid Daher.
Can I do this ?

<form class="uk-form" action="myOwnAction.php" method="post">

<fieldset data-uk-margin>
<input type="text" placeholder="">
<input type="password" placeholder="">
<button class="uk-button">...</button>
<label><input type="checkbox"> ...</label>


myOwnAction.php is the php code to save the form information in database.

Thank you in advance.
just boght your template AgroCorp PT and after install process I cant have the site displayed according to the template.
I have only blue links instead of menus. It sames that it doesnt work.
Any help please ?
Do you have a module/template layout sheet for: AgroCorp PT

Thank you!
I am still waiting for the answer.
Can yopu please answer ?
This template is not a standars joomla one. It doesnt follow Joomla standard. The menu is only for tablets and phones. I bought the extensive one but can't use it.
Can I have back my money please ?
Comment in status pending...

It will be published after it has been approved by the Website Administrator.
I want to add an icon or image to the Main Menu Item.
I went to:

Menu Manager: Edit Menu Item > LinkType > Link CSS Style or Link Image

But the menu bar wasn't displayed in a correct way.

Can you please fix that ?
How to change the label "Support Desk" in contact Us ?
I want to translate it in french.
New version available! Download Warp Theme Framework 7.3.14

my Template iss not working...

How can I change the green backgroud color of the "Quote of the day" to another?

Thank you,
King Regards
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