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I successfully installed the lt_wineshop_joomla_template_install_package file BUT my website does NOT look like the template. My website is
There's are NO instructions in the quick start package.
The quick start instructions are NOT working for me.
Where should the quick start files reside? in the root directory?
All other templates go inside the template folder....why is this template so different??
I have a bunch of files and folders and I am a bit nervous about deleting ALL the files....Can you be a little more specific on which file or folder to delete?
After installing the quickstart package files - I am not able to log into the Joomla admin using my login credentials.
Hi: I`ve bought the Joomla template LT Wine Shop from your site. I could installed the quikstart package succesfully thanks to the usefull video provide. Now I am trying to modify text from the home page but there is not any explanation about how doing it. In particular I am trying to modify the "Welcome to Wine Shop" because I need to translate the phrase to spanish but it seems to be coded directly on HTML and I can not find the HTML file on the server. Please could you tell me how to modify that. It should be easy but is not. Also I want to introduce my social media links into the logos provided in the template (bottom área) but there is not way to do it. Please could you help me?
When trying to use the quickstart I get the message 404 (URL not found) after step 7.
Hi - what is the default admin/password? I went through quickstart but have no idea how to login
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LT Wine Shop
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Joomla 4 Product
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This item may be used for a single domain only.
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