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I will buy this tamplate too, but I need Slovenian translation for shop.

Can you add it?


I have installed demo version of whole page ( joomla with all extentions ).

I saw that I can Updated it to 3.4 version and I did that.

but now i have problem.

I didnt find any translation for joomla in Slovenian language for 3.4. I found for 3.3.6.

So, problem is that i cant translate shop, and a I cant translate joomla.

Can you help me?

I manage to translate back side of joomla ( admin ), but front side still is not translated.

I updated Hika shop language to Slovenian, but it is still English in front side.



i think i do everything right and still no translation for all. Some words are translated some not.

pls check

Can you write template for Electronics shop? I want create shop page for mobile: Apple, Samsung, v.v... Can you?
Good day
I purchased a template JV SHOES per domain. In Chrome template it is fine, but in IE and Firefox browsers in the front page of the menu shows the band out there who do not want and do not know to get rid of him. I reviewed it and the LIVE DEMO and there it is in the browsers IE and Firefox at the same Crome it's okay. I would need advice on how to solve this problem.
Sincerely Laco
Good afternoon I have inconveniences on the menu is different in several browsers, Firefox looks great but in chrome , safari , space is lost.

You can look at
How do I correct ?
You are very slow to respond
Hi! slider is not responsive.
You can look at
How do I correct ?
Dear : Astemplate
I buy This template on 4 January 2016

i can't use Cart Shopping
when i use in localhost ( offline ) the cart system can work
but When put website to (online) cart system is not work
When Choose product Click > Add to cart > system show '' Message The cart is empty

you can try go to my website ( )

i find a way to try to learn all this week but don't know way
Help me and teach please
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