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Dear : support
Purchased JV Shoes - Item License
template on 4 January 2016

i fina err on template when online.

i can't use Cart Shopping
1) When i use in localhost ( offline ) the cart system can work
2) but When i put website to hosting (online) cart system is not work
youcan see attachfile.

When Choose product Click > Add to cart > system show '' Message The cart is empty

yoc can look my website is

i find a way to learn all this week but i can't..
Help me and teach please

love joomlavi
Ok i send email arledy to you
Help me please sir.
Hey there!
I want to buy JV Shoes template for 1 domain usage, but I need an option to test it on "test" domain before installation on main.
Am I right, that I need to buy extended version or standart one will be enough?
That's not a problem, you do not need to buy extended version.

Regards, AS Team.
Please could you review the Template provided to us:
JV Shoes - Joomla! 3 HikaShop Template
Basically we follow the steps in the Documentation to Install the JV Shoes Template by the Kickstart Installation, and then tried to Edit a Product, but then we get the Data Base Error which is displayed in the following:
ERROR 1054 Unknown column fileld products in where clouse SQL Select From g1ncy hikashop fileld as a where a field published 1 and a field table product and a field access all or a filed access Like %8% and field with sub categories = 0
Please, could you review you templae or provide us with an updated Template? Thanks.

my email is

Thanks in advance for your kind help.
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