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Dear Crazy Star,

Is the CS Vigorous Joomla! 3 Template available in Akeeba Kickstart version ?
The demo is gorgeous and I would like a very similar, yet modified website as the demo.

Best Regards,
Dear Crazy Star,

I've just installed the template in my web. When I select this template as predeterminated, all I see is a blank white screen. I've installed only the template (not the quickstar) and now I'm using this tempalte:

Could you help me please?
Hi, Great template! Thanks

I cant locate the icons library eg in module Home Variation 1 services so I can find the images/names of alternate icons to replace the existing ones.


Hi Again,

I found the icons! Thanks

I've just installed your template to a fresh joomla 3.4 and get the following error on site page

Fatal error: Call to a member function Header() on a non-object in /home/bedroomw/public_html/directsourcing/templates/vigorous_template/index.php on line 25

Any ideas?
Buenos días he instalado en Joomla 3.4.1 y me aparece en previsualizar la pantalla en blanco.

Alguna idea ??

Hola, me da este error al previsualizar la plantilla

Fatal error: Call to a member function Header() on a non-object in /homepages/10/d522066234/htdocs/renovar/templates/vigorous_template/index.php on line 25

Alguna solución ??


I just installed quickstart - all ok - But if i want to select an article in a menu - i always get this error:

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.

whats the problem?
Hello PAT19711,
Something goings wrong in installation will suggest you that please reinstall template with proper way which is include in documentation. or send your project cpanel hosting details we will install for you.

Regards, AS Team.
Thx for your answer - i reinstalled it x-times already... what can i do wrong with installing quickstart?? i just extract all files directliy on the ftp server - then i followed the steps in the documentation - db installation etc. was all ok - i log in into the admin module - all works - but only edit item doesn't ...
on this server is already an old joomla version running - i made a new directory and copied the quickstart files there - is that a problem?
what kind of informations do you need exactly?

thank you..
thx a lot for the helpful and quick support - response...
great template!
buenas tardes, he instalado la plantilla de dos formas, una desde el cpanel el quickstar (el administrator me sale una página en blanco y la previsualización de la página me solo solo exto sin los css) y la otra fue, instalando el joomla y después la template y me sale la previsualización una página en blanco

alguien me puede decir que hago?
Hola buen día, el tema ya lo compro mi cliente yo soy la que debo realizar la instalación y modificación de la plantilla pero no he podido, les pido me ayuden.

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