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Hello is this templaes alsowwoith a nice blog function avalible.

thanks Martijn
is there a preview from, so i can see how it looks in the one page template!
I just downloaded this template and when i start with installation (Qucikstart in Database configuration shows error message:

Duplicate entry '700-3.3.6-2014-09-30' for key 'PRIMARY' SQL=INSERT INTO `akymt_schemas` (`extension_id`,`version_id`) VALUES (700, '3.3.6-2014-09-30')

Could you please advise me what should i do?

Thank you very much in advance.
Hi! I tried to upload template in Joomla 3.3 and is also not working. I put you on chat list in gmail, but you were not available. If this template is not working properly could you please return my money?
Regards, Zmago
Hi, I have just downloaded template and having same error message as ZMAGO65. Have you found a way around it? What should I do?
We are sorry for the delay, the new version will be available in 24 hours, sorry one more time.

Regards, AS Team.
The template is updated, you can download it from your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
My menu si not working properly. On demo version menu is working correctly but when you install template Mikon is not working.
When i open an articel from module Portfolio and if i wanna return to then Main menu is not working anymore. If you click for example on Pricing is not working. I send you details on e-mail.
Regards, Zmago
i just find out how link can work :)
before link you have to add /. For example: /#sp-service-wrapper.
I no longer see the slideshow on the home and no longer work submenus Features. What happened? I want to buy this beautiful template tomorrow but I must be sure that you do not present the problems of the demo. Thank you.
Sorry. Emptied the cache and now everything is ok (even if a problem occurred).
I installed ST Nikon, not with Quickstart because it did not work. I installed separately the template and the United Revolution 2. Almost all good but NOT WORK THE PORTFOLIO. In the Module Manager appears SP Portfolio but only its header. Yet in the folder there and also in the database.
Same problem for SP Price

I recently installed the quickstart package of ST Mikon template, but it seem like a lot of the jpg files are missing or something wrong?
Even if I try to unpack the zip file locally, I only see the jpg files as grey images..???

I really want to use this template!

Please help!

Best Regards
Stian Knutsen

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