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when i call an article behind a photo in the portfolio then i get the article with the main menu above. Clicking on a menu item don't work (only the first "Home" gives a correct result, clicking on the other menu-items generates a wrong url !!!
The last "answer " of STHEMES88 on my questions was on march 13:
"Sorry, i still not back :(
I will check for you very soon when i back
Thank you!"
On april 20 i wrote:
"Dear Sir, I didn't hear from you since march,13. No answers on my questions! What is happening?"
No answer till now.
Is this support?

I have version 3.3.0 . Sk theme MIKON , not installed me . The process I follow is right, I upload the .zip file. whole .And all the time stays loading
I recently installed the template Mikon with quickstart. I used the sample data and all is well except with the images that they appear all with a gray mask.


Following its answer, can I have a date for delivery.

Thank you!
All done with images, thank you.

Now i have two problems:

1. At "BT google maps" i don't have a place to put google maps's api key. The map appears and disappears with an error.

2. During edition of Mikon's Template, all joomla menu's options don't work.

Thank you

Hello AS Support Team,

by now I have unzipt the ST Mikon and it is installed.

The problem is that I can't save my work. The template not works by Joomla 3.6.2.

Further the template isn't seen into the frontend.

Please can you help me to install correctly.


Jessys Designstudio
Dear Sythemes88,

thank's for your fast answer.

I'll try it with older version of joomla. Wich Joomla Version should I take?
Will it be funktionallty with Joomla 3.5?

My E-Mail is:

Best regards

Jessys Designstudio


(When) Do you expect that this template will become available again?
I have a customer who wants to use it for their site / 3 domains.



i have a Mikon ST Template-Site in stage. It shall go online soon. Now i've seen, there is no option to buy the license anymore. What can i do?
Me again. Any suggestions about how tu purchase the license for this template. Or is it for free now?
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