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Very nice theme. But there is a problem.
Main Menu >>> submenu. Dark background with dark ink.
What do I do? How can I change.
Background brighter or lighter font. If background light, then there is a problem with links in the content.
It is better if the background of sub-menu is brighter.

What do I do?

best regards
I have done!

kindly regards
Really nice template - thx guys.
I have problem with reservations module - I got msg without space.

"My message in the in the reservation module on the webpage"

And this text in email:

Any idea what can I do with this?
Thank you in advice
Best regards
Hey Support Team,

such a great template. But i have some problems with it. After the instalaition i can't see anythink on the site if i open my url. But the backend works perfectly. Maybe you could help me. Thx and best regrads
Thx for help, but i cant open the link, i dont have a account on primertemplates.

Thx and best regrads
I did a reinstallation with no information for the live site url. But i still have the same problem.

Thx for help and best regrads
I fixed the problem. It was not enought php memory space on the webserver. That was the reason for the blank site. For all the guy's who have the same problem. The php memory space must be >64mb. You could chance it in the .htaccess or you could ask your host for help. For further information activate the error reporting to development and debug to yes in global configuration (back end)

Thx for help and best regrads
Hey PrimerTemplates,

how / where could I change the slogen "WELCOME TO DINERS CAFE& RESTAURANT" ?

Thx for help and best regrads
where can I Wallpaper (Background Pic) in Content delete or change that?

I can not find it

kind regards
Very nice template.
Just I have a question, I liked the template with the dark left side, but I can't assign it to the "daily menu" menu item. It is still showing the old wood background version.
The answer may help me also to find out how can I assign templates to menu items.
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