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Hello CHICCO5002,
Maybe you have some problems with your server, if you interested you may ask for our services here:

Regards, AS Team.

I use this template, it works fine, but I have one Problem.
on position 30,32 (footer) the links dosn't work.
I tried with mail and also with a menu

Please help.
my best walter
What is your website url please?

Regards, AS Team.

My website is
Its for developing

Please add the following styling to the style.custom.css file:

#footer {
z-index: 10;
position: relative;

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team,

thank's, it works very fine.

my best
a few days ago I bought this template, I want to change some colors from the css but the changes are not seen even by clearing the cache

I modified the template.default.css file can you help me, thank you very much
Hello GIORGIA74,
What is your website url please and what changes you made?

Regards, AS Team.

I changed the background color of the fourth line in home and the color of the active menu item from red to yellow in the template.default.css file but the changes are not visible.

thank you
Hello GIORGIA74,
The menu looks good, here is a screenshot:
Try to clear your browser cache.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello. I just installed template 002074 with the sample data. The web is perfectly visible, but when I access the backend the page appears blank and I cannot work with it. Thanks

On the map that appears in contact I can't get my address marked. The map appears correctly, but it does not indicate the exact point of my postal address. Thanks.
I tried to buy this template but Paypal seems to be blocking purchases as the paymen t button did not respond. I also sent msgs to the FB page for AStemplates and no one has responded. Wondering if anyone is running the company or if maybe they are unable to because of the war in Ukraine?

If someone could message me to respond, by email, I would appreciate it.

starserver888 at
What did you try to purchase this item? For the last 2 days PayPal had an issue with payments, but couple hours ago they reported that the issue is fixed, can you please try again? Thank you.

Regards, AS Team.
thank you. It must have been a PayPal glitch. I did try again and it worked! I now tried downloading 3 or 4 templates from my purchased "AS Designing - Starter Club" download page. I got the first one ok. But the other two failed. Is there a limit to how many templates I can download in one day?

btw, I love your templates. I bought one like 10 years ago and it was really beautiful.

you since have upgraded that one - and the old version i bought is no longer available to download as it is labeled as expired. so I intend to hopefully download the upgrade, but can you tell me can I use the database for the old one so I don't have to start over to customize it?

002065 - Regular License
Item Type:
Joomla! Travel Template

- or what do i need to do?
Can you please let us know which download failed for you?

The template 002065 is not available yet for Joomla 4, we are planning to work on it next week. You do not need to update your database, but you will need to update the template and all extensions, here you can find Joomla 3.x to 4.x Step by Step Migration info:

Regards, AS Team.
The two which failed were 002065 and 002066.

Thank you for the information re: upgrading 002065. I was actually talking about upgrading to your latest Joomla3 version of 002065. It shows more recent dates on your website, so I thought you had upgraded it.

So can I downloaded the more recent J3 version and just install the template over the top of the old version on my site?

thanks again.

Also I should add that today I was able to download 4 templates, one after the other, with no problems. So that issue is fine now.
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