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Hello AS Team,
Thank you for your nice Template, my Website was working well with Joomla 3.4.5.
But since the Joomla update to Joomla 3.4.7 and 3.4.8 I have a problem with the Slider on the home page : The autoscrolling hangs at the 2nd slide. I well mentioned that there are 5 Slide to show. We can scroll with the navigation arrows but the autoscrolling don't works well now. It was OK with joomla 3.4.5.
I have another problem : On the home page bei clicking on any link from the menu at the top, it works only one time and we can reach the desired area from the home page. But then bei clicking again on a link from the top menu it doesn't works anymore. And the addresses of the links are good...I have this problem only on the home page since the Joomla update !
Could you please see what happens because of this Joomla update ?
You can found an access to my Joomla admin panel in in my special info area.
Best regards, Joelle
2015-10-06 we released a new template version which should fix a problem with your slider and menu, please download the latest version from your AS account and upload the changed files on your server via FTP, the list of changed files you can find here:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team
Thank you for your answer. I changed all the files and the problem with the menu is fixed but not with the slider
I installed again the site on my computer after downloading the latest version of the Template by choosing the "as002077_quickstart" and the problem of the slider is still there.
What could I try now ?
Regards Joelle
You missed to upload css/sequence.css file, now everything is working fine, please check.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team, Thank you for your help !
The problem was well this file "css/sequence.css". I downloaded in the site on my computer this file which you changed and it works also now. Thank you. But this is not the same file that is in the new template version I downloaded today.
Best regards, Joelle
Hello AS Team Thank you for this nice template !!!
Installation quickstart successfully . The installed joomla is 3.4.4 and all looks like in the demo.
What if i update to joomla 3.4.8 ???
Will all modules und functions still work ?
I am not shure, thats because i ask.
Regards, Diego from Germany
Yes, you can update it to version 3.4.8, everything should work for you without any problems.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi all

I installed this beautiful templates (after buying ;-)) and now I cannot edit the template modules in the browser with the ?tp=1 option.

Is that not possible, must I find another editor or what do I wrong?

Another problem: I signed up with my minor mailadress, but I lost my password. So I tried to become a new one, but I do not receive any mail from you, only the newsletter. I also checked my spamfolder, but there is also no one mail from you.

Thanks for your answering. With best regards

PS: please excuse my bad english, I did not learned it well ;-(
Sorry, we do not see any purchased items under your account, can you please let us know what is the username you used to purchase this item?

Regards, AS Team.
my first username was druprecht. But this is my first supportquestion here. the item above I made at new for to ask you these questions...
Please check your email, just generated it for you.

Regards, AS Team.
Many thanks - I just now realised, that it allows alphanumeric passwords allone. Normally I use a more secure password with numbers and special character.

For my other question: I'm still trying another way. First I installed joomla by my hosting partner and installed the template manually. At this way, the editing of the parts where not possible at the preview mode. I'll try now with the quickstart package. Maybe...

Best regards
Hi Folks,

I'm interested in purchasing this template (002007) and quite likely avail myself of your premium package (AS Designing Templates Club).

I wanted to first try the demo version of this template (I've configured a couple of dozen Joomla sites going back to v1.5; now on v3.4.8 so I'm not a complete rookie there but muddle my way through server admin and full template customization).

I have WHM access to my server root and current sites. I was able to install the above template successfully but trying to install the first component generated an error relating to file size upload limits. I wasn't able to execute the instructions of increasing the upload size limit in the config or .htaccess file (couldn't seem to access the /usr/local/lib/php.ini file and didn't recognize what I needed to change in the .htaccess file).

I tried uploading the file and to install it through the joomla back end but wasn't able to install (even on a subsequent attempt after uploading the .xml file to the site).

I'm trying to install the GeoArt Template 002007 into an existing site so I don't want to use the QuickStart package.

Any suggestions how I can complete the installation of that demo template extensions?

I'm happy to call or skype if that's easier. Let me know.

The quick-start package is actually the template documentation. If by some reason you can't install it on your live server you can install on some demo server or demo folder and then preview all settings.
The package should be installed like regular Joomla installation.

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for the quick response.

I'm running into the same issue on XAMPP. The template loads ok but I get an error trying to install the first extension: (even after increasing the limits in php.ini file to 6M)

Where do I obtain the quick-start package for the demo version so I can test it on my server?

I assume, based on the installation description, that the quickstart package does a full Joomla install (ie overwrites existing site). Is that correct?
The quick-start package comes with the premium version only.

Regards, AS Team.
Fair enough.

If I purchase the 'Advanced Package' which includes '2 Installation Services' can someone on your team, as part of one of those installations, install the GeoArt template along with its supporting extensions and graphics etc onto an existing Joomla 3.4.8 site?
The template will be installed on the fresh Joomla CMS, all files from the previous installation will be deleted, it is too complicated to install the template and all extensions on the existing Joomla.

Regards, AS Team.

Purchased the full template (premium) but run into installation errors. Using (extracting to localhost root folder and initiating the customary joomla installation) the Joomla installation fails on the final step when trying to install the sample data for this template (ie with "sample data 002077 template" selected). It keeps looping back to installation step 3 without generating any error messages.

1. The data base appears to get created correctly (created tables are visible in phpmyadmin and I can browse your sample images etc. in the local site folders in htdocs)

2. The installation will complete successfully with the extracted IF I choose to install WITHOUT "sample data 002077 template" (which defeats the purpose). Therefore a basic Joomla install works fine on my XAMPP server (I have a half dozen Joomla 3.4.8 sites running fine on this same XAMPP server).

3. The (when installed without sample data) currently installs JOOMLA 3.4.7 which is a buggy release. It should install JOOMLA 3.4.8

Correction: I should have stated that the current version of 00002007 Quickstart installs JOOMLA 3.4.4
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