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The Advanced Portfolio Pro component does not work well.
I could not upload images.
Can you help me out?

Thank you
Hello: I want to know if this template is ready for video items embedded from another site, like vimeo (videos stored in vimeo, and played in this template). I cant see any comments about this feature.
Thank you.
Hello, I am adding to this template, the kunena forum, its working fine, but the problem is that the login form (from kunena's forum) can not be available. So, I can not register new users or make new posts.
The categories, subcategories and posts are public but if you need to post, you must be registered.
Any advice, thank you.
Hello. Me again.
Sorry for the inconvenience. I don't know web programming. I thought it would be easy using templates and extensions, but it is not. I have 2 problems, one about registering in the kunena forum. Apparently my site has 3 registration modules at the same time, and that creates problems. One is the joomla one, another one is the template one and the third one is the forum one. Looking at the template files I see that the registration module mentions something about override, I guess it overrides the other two. But I only want to use the forum registration module. And apparently all 3 are active. Any advice?
The other problem is that I can't put an image like in the template screenshot. I did some research and tried with the <img> tag, it does appear but below the footer position. I tried with background-image but it only appears on the home page, and I want it on all the pages of my site. Any suggestions?
My site is on localhost, and I think these are the 2 problems that have slowed me down. Maybe for you it is easy to solve it, but in my case, I don't have much knowledge. Thank you for your time and help.

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It has been some time since I ask for help. I want to know if you are working for a solution or I try another stuff.
I was thinking about to use the same template but in wordpress (if you let me download the template). I do not know if it is more easy. Some people say that. Let me know what you think and what to expect about your help.
Thank you.
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