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You used another username which does not have any purchased items. Your first 3 steps are correct, regarding the last one we are not able to help you because the problem is related to the server. For checking this issue we need an access to your server via FTP, the access info please put in the Special info area under your Purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you. I've updated my account with the access information in the special notes section. Please note we are only looking to upload the template to . We have a few other similar spelled domains. Thank you
When we are typing you website name in the browser: we are receiving 404 error message, please check your server settings.

Regards, AS Team.

How can i add a new position next to as-mainmenu position

You have just to publish your module in the 'as-mainmenu' position, then you need to set bootstrap column size for each module in the position 'as-mainmenu'. The column size parameter you can find under extension advanced options tab, the total columns in the row should be 12, if you have 2 published modules you have to set the parameter for each module to something like 6 and 6, or 3 and 9.

Regards, AS Team.

we just installed the quickstart package to our site. When we go to “modules” tab on the joomla backend we get redirected to a page with a 404 error. Could you tell me what's happening please?

Also, how do we begin to modify the template with our own pictures and text?

1. Regarding the page 404 you have to check your server log, it seems you do not have permissions.
2. You do not need to modify template, all changes should be done from your Joomla admin panel, you must to have some knowledge of working with Joomla, the documentation you can find here:

Regards, AS Team.

We have the template for Green Expo installed now. A few quick questions:

1. How do we remove the leaf watermark in the top left of the page, where the logo goes? we would like to remove the leaf watermark ?
It can be changed/deleted by editing css files. You can easy determinate the file which should be changed and the css class by installing and using Fireblug plugin:

For more info please see the following article:

Regards, AS Team.
thank you for your reply
I have done as you told but it still does not how
I have the two modules in as-mainmenu position and set columns to 9 -3
Am i missing something

Best Regards
What is your site url please? Have you installed it using quick-start installation package?

Regards, AS Team.
We are using text wrangler to view the website files. We can't find the folder with the Home page Background images.

We are trying to change the background images that are in the background of the home page that you "scroll over"

What is the file called? How can we locate it.

Thank you.


To clarify my last message, when trying to change the background images, What line in the code do we change?

We cant locate the images in the files and can't find the line of code.

Thank you.

You can easy determinate the file which should be changed and the css class by installing and using Firebug plugin:

For more info please see the following article:

Regards, AS Team.
After installing on our test site, we now installed the template on our main website -

We are noticing something: All of the web addresses, for all of our pages include index.php. For example

How do we change this so index.php is not in the web address?

We called GoDaddy regarding the index.php in the URL,
they told us to set the Joomla Global Configuration Settings to "Use URL Rewriting. When we did that, the website broke the links. We couldn't click anything, it would bring us to a 404 page error.

We set the Global Configuration Settings back, but we really need to remove the "index.php" We have our career page indexed with indeed, and many weblinks we have in use that we need to keep the same.

Please help us remove " index.php " Thank you
Ok, looks like we fixed it. We renamed the file and it removed the index.php. Nevermind. Thank you
thank you for the great template.

How to change the number of green letters in the main title? Now the first 4 are green, the rest is black, but unfortunately this does not fit our title.
How to change "Read More" buttons - we need this text in Polish.

Thank you
The color you can change by editing tmpl.default.css file the following class:

#logo h1 span.char_0,
#logo h1 span.char_1,
#logo h1 span.char_2,
#logo h1 span.char_3
color: #37b373;

The 'Read More' buttons should be changed to Polish after installing Polish language support in your Joomla admin panel, if it will not work you can change the text by overriding Joomla constants, the overriding documentation you can see here:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, Is there a way to customize the template theme colors? I know there are theme color choices...We are wondering if there is a way we can use a custom color. Please let us know. Thank you.
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