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I bought items with PayPal and can not download ?
Please see your email, we requested PayPal transaction ID.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Support Team,

I have a problem with the mobil "Main Menu".
You could not choose the first two menu items, because they are behind the "Mega Menu".
Can you help me to take the menu further down or bring the menu forward?

I hope you understand what I mean!?
Sorry for my bad english.
Hello astemplates-Team,
I try the change the background-color of css class .well (.well {background: #fd4326;}). I found the the definition in bootstrap.css, but there .well has another definition (.well {background-color: #f5f5f5;}). Nowhere else I found a definintion for .well background-color. You can find the link to the website in my account. It's the element with the two dropdown-lists.

Thanks for help
Hello astemplates-Team,

thanks for your answer. I made another mistake, so the chages in the custom.css didn't work. I found the problem and now it works fine.

Best regards

I can't find the modul/configuration tools for the three pictures (e.g. Luxury Tour Bus, Long Haul Truck, ...), which are overlayed over the slider at the homepage.

Can you help me?

Thanks, Sven
Hallo, I have bought the template logistica. Do you have more exact docomentations about it? The documentation with the template is not enough.. How to install it is not the problem..

I cant find a complete user manual.

Regards Klaus
I've paid for and installed the template and i have four questions:

1) when I add the i frame fa fa code for the icons they don't show?

2) I followed the instructions in the manual setting the main menu to position main but the menu doesn't look like the demo. How can I configure this to look like the demo. The current css setting in the module is _menu and menu class suffix is: _uk-navbar-megamenu?

3) there is a space that appears between the logo and the slider? How do i delete this space. Not sure why it's happening?

4) how do i delete the "Designed by Primer Templates" at the bottom of the page.

The registered website with AS templates is:



I uploaded the quickstart file and ran the install with no problem, but when I try to access the site I get this error message:

This redirect url is not allowed, you should change the "Allowed domains for the redirection via the module" parameter from the AcyMailing configuration page to "localhost|" to allow it or set it to "all" to allow all urls

I can't do this because I cannot access the admin side of joomla either as i get the same error. (

Can you please help resolve this problem.

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