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Hi! Great template!
After joomla update the component Unite Revolution Slider 2 isn't working, what can i do?
Hi. I wrote a messege yesterday. Because there was a mistake on your website.

I bought a Joomla LT Donut, but it isn't that, what I saw on the Demo Preview page.
See it:
But the template no450 is:
This is another LT Donut joomla template .

I would like to chage my last bought joomla template for this: (if it's joomla, and not wp template)

May be for it:

Many thanks: Robert Teveli
The LT BBQ template is added to your account.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, I downloaded LT DONUT, but I can't find the sql file. Would you help me, please?
Habe das Template Anfang des Jahres gekauft und erhalte jetzt die Mitteilung, dass ich aufgrund der Übermittlung der IP-Adresse des HP-Besuchers an Google abmahngefärdet bin. Was kann ich machen, damit die Googlefonts von meinem Server gezogen werden und nicht mehr von der Googleseite?
Template: Donut
Joomla: 4
Sp page builder

First of all, donut is wonderfull. Now, i would like to create on my website one extra page without mainmenue, like a landing page.
But, mainmenue ist always on each new site (copy or creat) and no posibility zu remove it.
How can i create a new page, without mainmenue?
At normal on joomla, i can adjust this in menue modul, but here, this point is missing.
Thanks in Advance for responding.
I`m sorry, but this is not what i asking for.
your answer is to hide a menue item from the whole main menue on every single page.
but i`m asking for: I want to have the complete main menue on 4 pages of my website and want to have one special page (like a landing page) without mainmenu.
for example: on footer menue i can choose show menue on every site, show menue on no site, show on special site.
in mainemenue this choice is missing.

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