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I downloaded the free version of the New Jersey template from the JUMLADEV group and I got three RAR files - the bundle package, the quick-start package and the standalone package. But I have read that they should be installed with the Jumla! Installer. But I cannon find it on the website.
Is it that the JUMLA! Installer that does not come with the free version and one would get at least by buying the Premium one? Or am I in principle wrong about this installer, though that's what is in the explanatory texts? In one word, how should I proceed?

Thanks for your answer.
We are sorry, the item does not have premium version.

Regards, AS Team.
I recently download your free templates fro astemplates and am unable to work around the article area which was full of html code. Cant i work with normal plain text on the template or do i need to bu the premium template

Hi krassiv,

Sorry to hear that you are facing issue on Our template,
Joomladev account is now deleted ,, you can download from here.if you are still facing any problem then you visit our main website forum.

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