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Fixed issue with error message 'Undefined variable: colMainWidth'
Template updated with 3 additional module positions.
The AS Template 002022 for Joomla! 1.6.3 has been updated with some bug fixes for login and contact modules.

To update your template, either download the latest template packages and replace your template, or if you have made customizations, a listing of the changed and added files is listed below:

Changed Files (template):
  • css/template.css
  • css/joomla.css

Deleted folders (template):
  • html/com_contact
  • html/mod_login

Released a new version 5.2.0 for the lite and premium templates.
Updated files: index.php, params.general.php and templateDetails.xml
Released a new version 5.2.5 for the premium template 002022.

1. Fixed an issue with showing the slider on the default multilingual home pages.
2. jQuery library updated to the latest 1.7.1 version.

Updated files:

When a user tries to log out he can't and there's an error message instead.
This problem is not related to AS template, try to reinstall login module.
same problem with logout and joomla 1.6.3.
ok after deleting templates02022htmlmod_login from webserver.
Thx, Sopnetcs!
It worked!
A beer? Or two?
this template for joomla 1.5.23 ? ? ?

The AS Template 002022 is for Joomla! 1.6.3
Is there a way to remove the switching banners at the top of every page? I want them on the homepage, but not on all pages. Thanks!

I'm with you Holly. I'd like to be able to restrict the slideshow to the front page only. The template layout under HELP (at the top of this page) shows it as position-15, but when I type /index.php?tp=1, there is no position-15.

BTW - I think (outside of this issue) this template ROCKS!!!!

DaveB! ~ in TN
We will check possibility to have it on the home page only and update you.
I looked at the template positions too, and then looked in my modules manager, but there was nothing under position-15. I think it must not be a module. If it's javascript, that's a weak area of mine, but if I could remove it, I could use a different slideshow module. That would work. Just 'thinking out loud.' :-) And I agree, fantastic template!

This template contains condition, we are not showing the javascript slide show if you put some module in position-15.'re saying, if I install another slideshow component and publish it to module-15, I can over-ride the javascript slideshow?

DaveB! ~ in TN
Yes, you are right, it should work.
I've looked through the XML, PHP and CSS files. There is no coding for position-15. So even though I uploaded a Slide Show extension from and assigned it to position-15, it doesn't work. :(

Any help you could send my way would be most appreciated!


-DaveB! ~ in TN
Same for me...I used an extension package that I've used on another site, but it doesn't override the slideshow for me. :-(

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