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I bought the premium template 2022. Now I would like to make one navigation menu left, but it doesn't work at all. Only the menu top it shows on the page.

Please let me know what I have to do to show the menu left.

Many thanks
Hello webdevils,
In which module position you have published it? Can you please provide us with an URL?

Regards, AS Team.
I have a problem with the cache, each time when I knew to change my sit, I should empty the cache for it to appear, even as CAHE acitvé
I tryed to published it in position 7 and position 40. It dosen't show the menu at all. Here is the URL:

Many thanks for your help.
Is what I can change the size of the slider and footer row2
if yes how
I would like to decrease the size of the Top Menu Buttons...

Thank you for your help, and I love your template so far.

Hello okcomputersolution,

You have to make changes in the template.css file, please look for the following classes:
#header .row2 #topmenu li a
#header .row2 #topmenu ul li a

as well you will need to re-size the background image, it depends on the template color style, for the black look here:

Regards, AS Team.
hello again :)

when I take en other template, like beez, then it work's with the menu left. I guess, something is wrong with the as-template...

thanks again
Hello webdevils,
Can you please contact us through the 'Contact Us' page and provide with an access to the Joomla admin panel, we would like to check this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
this is my 1st site with joomla, I have a problem with your item template when I create anywhere, I created an article with a knob read more May when I click on read more, it appears the Article category with his friend with error :

(!) Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C: Program Files (x86) WampServer www INTG templates as002022 index.php on line 30
call Stack
# Time Memory Function Location
1 0.0013 385392 {main} () .. index.php: 0
2 0.3912 11999880 jSite-> render () .. index.php: 49
0.3922 12,000,392 3 JDocumentHTML-> parse () .. application.php: 253
0.3922 12,000,392 4 JDocumentHTML-> _fetchTemplate () .. html.php: 378
5 0.3928 12000784 JDocumentHTML-> _loadTemplate () .. html.php: 547
0.3962 12,252,856 6 require ('C: Program Files (x86) WampServer www INTG templates as002022 index.php') .. html.php: 488

Thank you for answering me
Hello DJA12345,
There are some problems with php settings on your localhost.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you for your reply on ADMIN, I notice a Pbrolem with the cache every time when I made modefictaion on my site I should empty the cache manuelement for the changes to my site
I check the active CAHE
Dear Sirs,

I have more question about template 002022

It is possible with this template?

Info in Module in position-16 redirect to separate page with own meniu
for example

Header rows1-4and slider is the as template 002022.

I need template for my Yachting equipment company.

In my site I need.
1. One module, or site with own product meniu with redirection to single articles.
2. One module or site with my partners product info, photos and banners.
3. One module or site with events, news or blog.

As i understand template 002022 is good for my site.

Waiting for Your suggestions.

Best Regards,


Hello gytis47,
Regarding your have to contact us through the 'Services' page and provide us with more detailed info:

Regards, AS Team.

I bought the premium template 2022.
up on clicking, the top menu expands to display the submenus. but it does not indicate whether the submenu has another sub menu of its menu or not. I would like edit the submenus which contain another sub menus under it - say by puting a " >>" ---- which area of the template should I work on it.

Hello mechachal,
We think the best solution will be to add it in the menu title.

Regards, AS Team.
I have a question, i'am trying to use your free version of the template, but each time i refresh the page or enter a menu a pop up window appears, saying Designed by AS templates
how can i disable this pop up ?

Thank you in advance!
Hello HexDec2000,
It is because you deleted AS Copyright, sorry, accordingly to our terms of use we are not allow to delete AS Copyright in free templates.

Regards, AS Team.
But there was no modification i made a fresh joomla installation (2.5.4) and then i installed your template and assigned as default. From the beggining this message was showing up...
Dear Sirs,

it is possible in this template create BLOG?

it is possible to create new site only with meniu and redirecting to single article with possibility to download file in PDF from single article?

It is possible to create new site with meniu and redirecting to single article with BANNER in the article. BANNER must be redirected to partners
www site.

Is there any possibility to go to theese new sites from featured articles or other modules in possitions 12-15 ?

Waiting for Your answer.

Best Regards,


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