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...sticky footer...!


Can you please tell how to get the footer down to the bottom?
Problem is only on pages with small content.


Thank you very much!
In the tmpl.default.css class please find the following class (line 2318) and change the min-height value to 370px:

#content-row {
background-color: #FFFFFF;
min-height: 0;

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team

thank you very much, but this does not solve the problem as you can see on the contact page.

Furthermore there is now too much white space on the homescreen.
(this is why I have changed the min-height to 0)

Any ideas how to fix this 2 problems?

THX so much!!

...i tried a fixed value for the footer and a negative margin for the wrapper with the fixed hight of the footer but this did not work either.

regards, pixfactor
In the page menu item, under Page Display options, you can add Page Class and then specify it in style.custom.css file.

Regards, AS Team.
I purchase this template running under, windows 7, WAMP, php 5.5.12, MySQL 5.6.17.

I get the following error after installation and going to any menu link besides home page:

Notice: Undefined variable: pageClass in C:wampwwwjoomla1 emplatesas002022index.php on line 75 Call Stack #TimeMemoryFunctionLocation 10.0000250096{main}( )..index.php:0 20.10103370640JApplicationCms->execute( )..index.php:40 30.491013521248JApplicationSite->render( )..cms.php:251 40.492013521960JApplicationCms->render( ) 50.492013522552JDocumentHTML->parse( )..cms.php:968 60.492013522784JDocumentHTML->_fetchTemplate( )..html.php:452 70.492013523088JDocumentHTML->_loadTemplate( )..html.php:628 80.493013611224require( 'C:wampwwwjoomla1 emplatesas002022index.php' )..html.php:570 com_contact view-contact task- itemid-117 body-">

This particular error is when I try to go to the contact menu item.
Any suggestions please?
It looks like you have problem with your server configuration, try to install this template on live server, or you can ask for help Joomla community:, sorry, we can't help you in this case because the problem it is not related to the template.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team,
can you please send me the invoice to my last order.

Thank you very much!

Please contact us using the following page and provide with your company name, address, contact info and the invoice will be send to you ASAP:

Regards, AS Team.
in the quickstart package there's a module showing a trophy icon.

Code is:
<div class="icon-trophy"></div>

Where can I get those icons? Is it possible to browse available icons in any way?


All available icons you can find in the 'bootstrap.css' file in templates 'css' folder, just make a search for 'icon-'.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi team,

I bought this template the premium version, but it is at least 2 years old running on Joomla 2.5.17.


If I renew license and download the latest version of this template, can I upgrade the template and latter also Joomla to 3.x ?

Will I keep the content, keywords, mail settings,...?

Will it work on php 5.4, 5.5 ?

The template is moved under Bootstraped Framework. The Bootstrap Framework makes it fully responsive to all screen resolutions and aspect ratios. Moreover, thus it carries a lot of useful features, for instance additional HTML elements, set of CSS components, grid system and much more.

The template was fully recreated, changed all module positions and files structure. It will not work just by replacing the previous template version.
We are not guarantee that it will work in the same way like the previous template versions.
Anyway, if you will decide to move to the new version you will need to build your existing site from scratch using the quick-start package. Please do not forget about backups.

Yes, it will work with php 5.4, 5.5.

Regards, AS Team.
i just purchased the latest version of your as 002022 template - simply because i realised that the free version isn't working fine...

now, after installing the latest version of your temp (out of your "premium" package) i have to see, that the purchased version of your template shows the same errors as the free package.

so i'll have to ask you to take a look at the site

-> the titles of articles listed in the column layout (eg "management", "leadership", "commerciaux" and "dev personnel") are displayed differently: "management" shows the lines above and below the title - the others are not...

-> same subsite: margins or padding of the first article ("management") don't match the rest of the margins/articles

-> whole website: "read more" should be displayed in french "lire la suite..." -> all language settings in joomla are correct, i even tried to write an override, but it won't work!

now please, i urgently need some suggestions to how i or you can correct these faults. may i ask you NOT to answer with some of your standard replies as "use quickstart" or something like this? there ARE REALLY errors in this temp: i've been trying to eliminate them for weeks now - but without your support i won't succeed!

Please, provide us with site URL, we have to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
dear writer@as-templates

please check my post: there are two url's already inserted.

to be sure, i'll copy them and insert them here again:

so i'll have to ask you to take a look at the site


is this gonna work now????

Please provide us with an access to Joomla admin panel, we will check this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
hi there

after hours of work, the site seems to work pretty fine now (i had to edit your css files...)
still not working are the settings for the "read-more" buttons. so if you provide me with the information on how to write an override for this task (the already written one is not working: COM_CONTENT_READ_MORE="Lire la suite...") or in which other location i'll have to set changes, i think the site will be working fine...


Try to override following constants :




Regards, AS Team.
Hello .
Trying to remove prev/next buttons from articles,nothing happens . Can you please help me with that? I did: Article/Options/Show Navigation-->Hide and Global Configuration/Articles/Show Navigation-->Hide but nothing changed.
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