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I recently bought the kingsly joomla template and I am facing some problems in front end after finish my installation (note that admin panel works fine). The Kingsly requires T3 plugin to be installed and enabled but T3 requires also PHP 5.4.x and my server supports PHP 7. Is it possible to install kingsly with T3 on PHP 7? Please advice.

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I just want slides on the main page but there is a white space in between how can i destroy that void
I also want to narrow down the footer area, I've disabled modules in the footer field that field is empty but too high just enough for the copyright part
my site adres:
there will be another responsibility How can I delete the text on the slide
how can I enlarge the logo area the height of the available space is too small, or can I get the logo in the middle of the menu?
my pictures on the slide do not look like they were originally; cut the picture altogether
I threw my new web address as mail
my new web adres:
the problem is not related to the slide
I want to remove the white part under the slide
I also want to narrow down the footer area; footer1,2,3,4 cancel only if left and right is enough
I want to enlarge the logo area
I also want to remove the text on the slide
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Kingsly PT
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