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I just purchased your template and went to install the quick-start!
But when I did it the front page was displaying OK , but when I logged in the administrator area I get a blank page!

I tried to find the solution here...
but with know luck!

Waiting for your support...
Thank you!
my Template Wedding PT has Unite Revolution Slider 2 v 4.7.3 b3
This component does not work with PHP 7.1
My server has PHP 7.1
I need a new Unite Revolution Slider 2
hi, my site is the main menu is not appearing on iphone.
Thank you,
Thanks for your earlier reply it solved the problem.
I have another issue i have not been able to resolve.
on my site i wanted to remove the background image acrossthe top. I have removed the image "bread"s from the images folder and removed any reference to it from the custom css folder, It has dissapeared on laptop and Iphone but is still visable on Ipad in bot landscape and portraite. How can I remove it?
Thank you, Mark
I've cleared the cache and its still showing.
its showing on all pages on ipad but not on laptop or Iphone.thanks again.
A thousand apologies, I just checked on my wife’s IPad and the site is showing correctly. The problem is on my end.
Thanks again for the help.
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Wedding PT
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Joomla 3 Product

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