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Hi there, Looking to buy this template. Can you please provide me with more details? Like, Will I get all the plugins with the template, along with sample data.? How many users can use this licence? and is it one time paid license?

Is there any tech support will be provided?

Thank you,
I have one more question with this template, does the Licensed template support mobile websites as well?
Hello everyone. I have purchased the LT Soccer template but the Quix version is the classic one and i can't use all the features it has. I wrote to LT Theme asking how can I get the new visual version but they didn't answer back. What I have to do now?
Thank you for answering me back. It is my fault I didn't tell what exactly I cannot do: when I installed the template with quickstart, I had Quix installed as well. But it is the classic version and I cannot upload the images if I want to use them when I add a new element.I asked on a forum and they told me that I have to buy the visual version. Or to ask the template provider to update my version to visual if it's possible. In the template, I have 1.9.2 version and the visual Quix version started from 2.0 version. So it is possible to have an upgrade or I have to purchase visual Quix?
Hello i buyed the Soccer theme from LT themes this morning and i have two problems with Quix:

1) I need french translate if it's possible
2) i can't put new image trough the Quix system images upload... a black window appear?

Thank you for your answer an help...

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LT Soccer
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$29.00 $21.75
Regular License
This item may be used for a single domain only.
$39.00 $29.25
Extended License

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