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Hello AS-Team,

when I`m using the template on my website with https, the backround image will not be published. The certificate is from let`s encrypte and the webspace is from allinkl. Can you give me a feedback if this is a problem on the template. Many thanks in advance.

when i use the template, movil menu doesn´t show ,unite slider too.
this happens when i enable https
Question: Hi! I have putin position "OFFCANVAS" the module "LANGUAGE SELECTION", and then when I go to de selector "CHOOSE LANGUAGE", it don´t work!!....... It doesn´t appear the languages I have activated in this template!! Can you help me with this, please??
Item Name:LT ArtClass Name:

i have a problem

I have a problem with this template LT ARTCLASS

Your demo Version

When I install it, it doesn't look like it.

I would really prefer your version and my customer is not really happy with this version.
Thank you for your feedback
Thank you very much.
It works perfect!
Very good Templates and support!!

Best Regards René

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LT ArtClass
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