Joomla! Template JD NewYork - Item Update News

Changelog: v2.3

Added: Auto Update functionality added
Changed: Joomla updated to 3.8.12
Changed: Smart Slider 3 updated to 3.3.7
Changed: Kunena Forum updated to 5.1.3
Changed: Helix updated to 2.5.5
Changed: RokSprocket updated to 2.1.24
Bugfix: Article email issue fixed
Bugfix: MenuItem type External Link / URL Link Rel Attribute issue fixed
Bugfix: Undefined variable: pageclass issue fixed
Bugfix: MegaMenu text separator and heading URL issue fixed
Bugfix: Translation The OffCanvas Toggle fixed
Bugfix: Frontend Editing improved
Bugfix: URL is not found issue fixed
Changelog: v2.2

Changed: Joomla updated to v3.8.10
Changed: Kunena updated to v5.1.2
Changed: Helix 3 updated to v2.5.4
Changed: JEvents 3.4.43 updated to v3.4.47
Changed: Smart Slider 3 3.3.1 updated to v3.3.4
Changed: RokSprocket Module updated to v2.1.23
Bugfix: Login direct issue fixed in the article
Bugfix: Enables missing page class suffix option
Bugfix: Social Language fixes and coding styles improvement
Bugfix: Menu page class suffix issue fixed
Bugfix: Blog details image floating alignment issue fixed
Bugfix: Blog listing image floating alignment issue fixed
Bugfix: Remove sppagebuilder Addons Overrides
Release note: ChangeLog V2.1:

Release note: Missing Language Added
RokNavMenu Module Removed
RokBooster Plugin Removed

Update - Joomla version update 3.8.5
Update - SmartSlider3 v3.2.12
Update - Kunena v5.0.13
Update - ChronoForms6 v6.0.17
Update - VirtueMart v3.2.12
Changelog : 14-November-2017: v2.0

Added : Helix3 v2.3
Added : ChronoForms6 v6.0.13
Removed : Gantry 4 Framework
Removed : ChronoForms5
Changed : Joomla version v3.8.2
Changed : Kunena v5.0.11
Changed : Hikashop v3.2.1
Changed : JEvents v3.4.43
Changed : K2 v2.8.0
Changed : SmartSlider3 v3.2.9
Chnaged : VirtueMart v3.2.4
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JD NewYork
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