Joomla! Template JD Restaurant - Item Update News

Release note: ChangeLog v1.3

Release note: Joomla updated to v3.9.0
Helix3 updated to v2.5.5
AcyMailing updated to v5.9.6
SmartSlider3 updated to v3.3.11
SP Page Builder updated to v3.3.6
K2 updated to v2.9.0
Removed - Akeeba
Bug Fix - Improved overrides
Bug Fix - Improved Responsive
Release note: Change log V1.2

Support Joomla 3.8.10
AcyMailing version Updated to 5.10.2
Chronoforms version Updated to 6.0.19
SmartSlider3 version Updated to 3.3.1
SP Page Builder version Updated to 3.2.4 Helix version Updated to 2.5.4 Pie Progress Addon compatible with latest Page Builder version Heading Addon compatible with latest Page Builder version JD Team Addon Added
BugFix: Responsive improved
BugFix: Improved Mega Menu and Dropdown Menu
BugFix: Fixed Error page
BugFix: Added missing language constant in JD Menu
BugFix: Added missing language constant in JD Event
BugFix: Fixed k2 Frontend Editing
Removed: testimonialpro folder deleted (templates/jd_restaurant/sppagebuilder/addons)
Removed: call_to_action folder deleted (templates/jd_restaurant/sppagebuilder/addons)
Removed: image_content folder deleted (templates/jd_restaurant/sppagebuilder/addons)
Removed: Addthis social share code from the template index.php file.
Release note: Change Log V1.1

- Joomla version updated to Joomla 3.8
- Helix3 version updated to v2.3
- Chronoforms version updated to v6.0.9
- K2 version updated to v2.8.0
- Smart Slider 3 version updated to v3.2.8
- SP Page Builder version updated to v2.5.4
Item Name:
JD Restaurant
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Supported Joomla:
Joomla 3 Product