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I would like to divide the layer containing the slider, in two layers. on the left side, the slider, and on the right side text. How do I can do?.
If I modified the index.php file layers affect other pages?
And to show the section where I am (HOME and the bottom white triangle) in the breadcrumbsload?

thank you very much.
It should be developed, sorry it's impossible to explain.
Hello, I have the save problem as Alfonso08

”I don't get the ”Read more” Button like in your demo shown - with white background and a big button whith the border in the image. Can you help me please?!

where the title says ”Último informe””

My website is: (without index.php not is the same web)

We have published it on How To page:
Hello, I need to remove the name of the secction in the middle of the page (in h1) for example ”home” under the slider in my page How Can I do?

My web:
url with index.php

You have to hide it in the:
Menu Manager -> Edit Menu Item -> Article Options -> Show Title
I did that, but it remains hidden, the type of article of the home is "featured articles", I hide the title in
Menu Manager -> Edit Menu Item -> Article Options -> Show Title
and in the "featured articles" but is still showing the word Home in H1 in the home,
We think you missed to hide it in some place, please check all settings one more time.
Hello, I want to quit, the background color in ”Main Column - Row 4”, but in the section ”Main Column Configuration Parameters”, I can't put this value to none, or quit, How Can I do it?

Hello, How can I put background image in the home (content section) and other pages of the site?
This template doesn't have such options, you should edit css files.
In the contact section, how I can show the contact form visible as default.

Because this form is hidden until you click in the link.

You have to do it in:
Components - Contacts - Contact Us - Display Options - Display Format.
Hello, How I can show different sliders in the Home, depending on the selected language?
Is this option implemented?

Thank you.
Hello AL066135,
This template doesn't have such option.

Regards, AS Team.
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