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Hello How do I do to add the slider on the site?

thank you
Please refer to the template documentation:
Thank you for the answer
But I do not see how I create the module Lorqui I chose the position slider and after?

thank you
Sorry, we don't have such module 'Lorqui'
sory module slider
It is already added to the template, please see parameters page.
yes I see the Settings page but I can not do it n al show on the home page
Can you please provide us with an URL? Thank you.
Sorry for the delay

Thank you for the answer I got the slider
As against the menu has a little problem for the sub menu
the submenu ”maison ossature bois” s do not display the page ”acceuil” by cons on the ”maison ossature bois” s it shows why?

Thank you for the answer
You have select ”Show Sub-menu Items” to ”Yes” if you are going to use dropdown menu.

I write an article and I want the image is in the center and it does not foctionne

I put this code

<p align=”center”> <img src=”images/technique/clip_image002.jpg” alt=”” width=”321” height=”158” /></p>

Thank you for your help
It should be checked, probably the tag <p> or <img> has float:left or float:right parameter.
Why is the style sheet is not outsourced?
How to include in the page?
thank you
Sorry, what do you mean? All css files are available in the package.
yes it works.
But why there is not one because the css file style.css on the same page is not good for referencing
That is because we have to generate it depends on the template parameters.
ok thank you
So to do a copy paste in the display to improve the ranking?

Why your template is not validated by w3c xhtml and css?

there are plenty of error that is not good for SEO.
Hello I buy the templates in November I saw that you made an update should I do?
What have you changed?

thank you

Must be done the update?

What are the changes?

thank you
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