Joomla! Template 002032 - Item Support

hello i really like your template i tried the free one

what i want to ask that i couldn't find

if i pay for premium its come with iphone support compatible same as the

ja purity2 template that have full iphone support

if it is i would like pay for the premium option and not only on that template

i will pay for more if it include iphone support as well

thanks in advance wait for quick answer
Sorry, we don't know such template: ja purity2
ok what i wanted to know if this template if i pay for premium

is it have iphone compatible support

thanks in advance
We think you should check the demo preview first.
i check and couldnt find iphone support

thats why i ask you

can you tell if it has or not plz
Probably do you mean some module extension?
what i ask if in the template features can i change your template to iphone layout?

thanks in advance
You can use the following extension to mobilize any of our templates:
Item Name:
Item Version:
Regular License
This item may be used for a single domain only.
Extended License

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