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Hi- great template no real problems however, after struggling with my site and settings- I finally took a better look at your demo template which has the same problem I am struffling with.
The images on all the modules do not resize properly.
I'd insert a screenschot but- can't do so here.
If you just redue the page- such as one would do if wanting to compare two windows at the same time (narrower)- the gray image frame remains 100% and the image is much shorter leaving an ugly empty frame section.
This does not happen with any other image in the articles or anywhere except with ALL module images.
Home page, random image, newsflash ecc.
I'd rather find a fix for this as opposed to removing all image modules and reorganizing the entire site.
Thanks for any help.
Hello MULINOO9898,
What is your site url please and on which pages we can see the problem?

Regards, AS Team.
For starters you could see it right on your temlate demo. I was struggling with this for a bit then went back to see if it was a problem from the get-go. Yes- it's on your template as well.
anyway it is here (in progress):

scroll to the bottom and minimize the window.
You'll notice when the page reorganizes itself with the photo appearing beneath the text that ...
not only the 'our mission' photo to the right resizes wrong but also the articles above it. The picture maintains it's ratio while the outer frame takes on a width of 100% with no height change. No longer suitable for the image.

These are all modules- newsflash for the articles and random image for the mission photo.

Every other photo works fine on all pages- categories, menus, articles. Only every single image coming from a module does not function properly.
I've tried resizing the photo, changing the sizes in the modules, and changing bootstrap, changing from div to section ecc.
Nothing seems to work.

I'm sure it's a silly little thing for you pros howver :)
Thanks for your help.
Hello MULINOO9898,
It will resolve the problem if you will use images with larger size, for example make them 1000x500px instead 500x250px.

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for the solution Vincent. Isn't there another option- such as adding a few lines of code somewhere.
It's not very nice to have no control of the image sizes.
To have a thumb (the site does not sell Rembrandts) resize to a huge image that is larger than the text beneath it is not an ideal solution.
Granted. it may be rare that somebody will be viewing the website in such a reduced form, but still- no control is not a good thing.
This is my first experience with Joomla, but having to upload precise image sizes (and then uplaod all over again to perfecct them) sucks.
There should be the option of setting the image size, max, min on each insert.
For example: If you have a few more minutes could you take a look at two pages?
On this one ( the thumbs for 'various divisions' remain small when I reduce the window and look fine. In fact you can see the difference in how the module above those thumbs behaves as well.
However on this page ( the same thumbs resize to a huge over-sized image.

And I cannot find an explanation for the inconsistent behavior or a fix.
Hello MULINOO9898,
We are sorry, there is no better way then to increase image sizes.

Regards, AS Team.
HI-I have suddenly encountered some problems and I have no idea where they have come form.
All was working fine until yesterday, when I got a blank page.
I had to uninstall the language filter plugin in order to even view the page and see debugging.
I am getting this: (font end)
JROOT/templates/as002032/language/en-GB/en-GB.tpl_as002032.ini : error(s) in line(s) 84, 87, 90, 93, 96

and back end gives me errors as well. I cannot change the default language (in the mean time) so at least the Italian language shows up properly. Menu for some reason is not even appearing.
Gallery is off with quirks, slider does not show up at all and the drop down menu has dissappared (thought the code is intact- and can be seen on inspect element)

Any idea what this is? I have read others having problems with language files and bugs in Joomla.
I have not updated anything. Other errors that I get on back end are...
viewlevels .... **NO INDEX KEY COULD BE USED**
extensions... USING FILESORT

AND a portion of another data base query is:

FROM aaaa_content AS a

LEFT JOIN `aaaa_languages` AS l
ON l.lang_code = a.language

I get this ... for ALL language: : *NO INDEX KEY COULD BE USED**

I cannot understand how this popped up all of a sudden from nowhere. Please help.
Sorry here is the site:
definately a problem with language strings since I see under inspection various errors.
<div class="dbg-header dbg-error" onclick="toggleContainer('dbg_container_language_files_in_error');"><a href="javascript:void(0);"><h3>**Parsing errors in language files**</h3></a></div>
Hello MULINOO9898,
Thank You for noticing about the issue with the language files.
There is missed lower dash in parameter name before *FONT, it should be:




We are going to release a fix this weekend which should resolve this problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Regarding the menu and slider, you are running debug mode on your site which blocks javascript, just disable it and everything will work for you.

Regards, AS Team.
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