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Hi I had a few questions about this template before I buy it.

Question 1:- In the demo website of this template the size of the images are 984x234. I have pictures which are 1150x450 pixels. Is it possible to increase the size of the slider? Are there any controls in the Joomla admin console to do this, or one needs to modify the CSS files to do this? Note I am interested specifically to know if I can INCREASE the SIZE of the SLIDER itself.

Question 2:- The slider news module that comes free along with this template, does it support only ONE news item or can we publish more than one news Item?

Question 3:- The slider news module, does it support "Hyperlink" feature so that when some on clicks on the sliding news it can take the user to a new page?

Question 4:- The price of $19 is for one domain, I will have a production instance as well as a Test instance where the organization for whom I am developing the website will test the functionality of the site, should I buy another license for the Test environment, anyway I will scrap the test environment once the User acceptance is finished.


Hello devjoomlademo,

1. There are no controls, you will need to make changes in css files by yourself.
2. We used marque element to show news, this is not an extension.
3. When you will create a news, you have to close it in <a> tag in case to make a link.
4. The price of $19.00 is for one domain only, you don't need to purchase additional license if you are working on localhost, for the test environment you will need to provide us with an URL.

Regards, AS Team.
Currently on my website, I use the below free extensions/modules/plug-ins. Does this template support all of them, if not what substitute do you recommend to use with your template?


Google Maps:-



Lof Accordion :-

Hello devjoomlademo,
Sorry we are not able to support all extensions. You are welcome to download our free version and test them.

Regards, As Team.
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