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hello, i have the premium template. when i look on position screen, i see over position-5 the joomla messeages.
i think it is the main artcel?
my main articel for the start page is not coming. it is emty. what make i false?
Can you please provide us with an URL, we would like to see it?

Regards, AS Team.
Here see you the messages/articel with headline ”Joomla” over position-5:

I have mainarticel, but i can not see:

Old Version from us with the self mainarticel (Joomla1.5):

Looks like your featured articles are not enabled, please check it.
ok, i have see the problem. i use the language plugin. when i turn off, then coming the mainarticel and sliderpicture on the frontside (startpage).

with language:

without lanuguage:
for information: when i turn on the language plugin is ok, but then the language in Menu Manager: Menu Items new for first lanugae as startpage -> then is frontend page emty. it is a routing problem from template.
No, this is not a problem with template. Try the following tutorial, probably it will help you:

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you for the information, but this is not the problem.
Because i have buy other template from you and it is by other template run.

Joomla installtion with language tested by:
- AS002027 - Standard
- AS002029 - Standard
- Beez5 - Default
- Beez5 - Default
and more.

By all Template is coming mainarticel, but only not by Template 002032.

I have test on a other Joomla installtion and a other server. self problem, when i turn on the language. without language is runing.

You can see with the language english and german. i have two templates install.
for english 029
for german 032
Can you please contact us through the 'Contact Us' and provide with an access to the Joomla admin panel, we would like to see /check it.

Regards, AS Team.
thank you for your help. i have now found the simple problem :-)

for the ”Menu Manager: Edit Menu Item” i have three.
- default
- language german
- language english

default from install joomla,
german and english, i have make you manuel (not copy from default)

the fileds was then emty in english and german:
If a field is left blank, global settings will be used.
# Leading Articles
# Intro Articles
# Columns
# Links

normal coming it is then from default, but not here.

Now I have added the empty fields with numbers, then it works. because in other template it was not needful.

now i very happy. thank you,
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