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Hello, I have purchased the premium version of this template from you, yet haven't received it yet. How long does it take to receive? And HOW do I receive it please? I didn't get a pop up or anything like that to download it.
We are sorry, we don't see any purchased items under your account. Can you please provide us with PayPal transaction ID, we have to check this issue with PayPal.

Regards, AS Team.
Sure thing :)
There is no such ID, when the item was purchased?

Regards, AS Team.
1 Jul 2013 12:14:42 BST. I can screenshot the email too if required?

You sent a payment of $19.00 USD to ASDE (
We just sent you email, please check it.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello there, I purchased one of your templates a week or two ago, template number as002034.
I seem to be having a massive issue with the slider feature on there. This has stressed me out a HUGE amount. I have tried adding my own pictures there in the format of .png, I have made the images exactly the same size (400x475px) and have left ALL of the other setting exactly the same.
However, when I 'save and close' then visit my website, I only see half of the image appearing. the top left half. I have read and re-read the documentation and done this step by step to a T and nothing seems to work.
If you would like to see what I mean by this visit
Thanks in advance.

Sorry, but we see you use 1024x1024 size image ?

Regards, AS Team.
Ah I see, so I need to resize? I thought I had the images spot on
Hello there AS Templates. I have the licence for this template and have used it on my website (closed the previous website I had it on). What I wondered is...

When I put on a new menu, then put the parent item as for eg
'Help & Support' I would like to know how I get the dropdown box to appear by just hovering my mouse over it instead of having to click it to get the box to drop down?

If you go to my website then click 'help & support' and then hover the mouse over the 'help & support' option again, the sub menu appears. But if you ARENT clicking on the 'Help & Support' tab, the additional menu's don't appear. How do I rectify this?
Please see the following article, step 7:

Regards, AS Team.
Also, the logo that says 'Welcome to Another World, Be a part of it' top left. How do I remove that so it isn't there at all?

To remove the logo from all pages you have edit template.css file, please add the following class (it should be on line 407)

header .row2-3cnt
float: left;

and add display:none; property, so it will look like the following:

header .row2-3cnt
float: left;

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks that worked quite well. Just have to figure out how to get my menu at the bottom to stop replicating the top menu then im all done. This will be my last question.

How do I create a completely new menu at the bottom, a blank one? I know all of the positions and so on, just need to sort out the 'blank' menu.
Sorry, what do you mean by 'blank' menu? Menu without menu items?
Have you checked the template documentation?

Regards, AS Team.
Yes I have indeed. I can create a menu no problem. As I have at the top of the page. The problem I am having is I want to do another menu at the footer of my page (position 55) however, when I do this it appears to replicate the top menu, but all messed up.

Im trying to achieve a completely new menu there without menu items. But for some reason, when I create the new menu (fresh menu module at the bottom) it seems to copy ALL of the menu items at the top and spreads them all over the bottom.
If you installed the template using quick-start installation package you can see 3 installed menus in the footer: Our Services, Help and Support, Publications, as example you can take one of them and build your menu.
BTW, you can't build menu without menu items.

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks very much.
I wondered do you chaps have a template that is suitable for an e-shop? And also on this template, the slider, how do I get the image to go right across the screen?

The template I am using now is 400x475 px. I don't want to change the height of it, only the width. Is it just a simple as creating a new image with wider pixels, then simply uploading it?
Never mind I figured it out, thanks.
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