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I'm creating a form that uses reCaptcha - the black gloss skin - on the site, and the text box where you fill in the two words is not positioned correctly. You'll be able to see what I mean on the site and the "Contact Us" page, as well as the "Testimonials" page (click the "Add Testimonial" link).

What am I missing?
Hello siteone,
Sorry, the free template does not have all features, we think you have to make some changes in the css files.

Regards, AS Team.
Do you have any suggestions where to look to make the CSS changes? The CSS for that field is:

.recaptchatable #recaptcha_response_field {
width: 145px!important;
position: absolute!important;
bottom: 7px!important;
padding: 0!important;
margin: 0!important;
font-size: 10pt;

(according to Firebug). If I remove the position:absolute!important; line (again using Firebug), it works fine - but I can't find that element in the template css. I don't know where that CSS is coming from...
Hello siteone,
Our template doesn't have such class, it comes from Joomla.

Regards, AS Team.
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