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Bonjour, Comment mettre le texte de la page d'accueil dans la position 12 OU comment ne mettre que le module HTLM Personnalisé sans qu'il y est d'articles en dessous? Template - 002034



Roland Arnal
Je vous joint ma page d'essai. je ne veux pas l'article en dessous du module personnalisé :


Hello Cheepewa,
Sorry, please, English only.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, How can the text of the Home Page In Position 12
The Custom HTML module or without there east to articles Bottom? Model - 002034

I attached my test page. je ne Veux Pas article in Bottom of customized module: Thank

Roland Arnal
Hello Cheepewa,

Please read the following article:

This article contains source code example for module position-12 with 'Read more' button.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you for your reply. I know HTML to customize the module in position 12 but I wish that there was no post on the homepage below the module.
That is like putting that type of menu link so that there is that lme HTML module

Roland Arnal
Hello Cheepewa,

The menu item type of your page should be: Featured Articles, in Layout Option please put Leading Articles, Intro Articles and Columns to 0 (zero).

Regard, AS Team.
Thank you for your help
Roland Arnal
How to position the compagnynam.png the center of the page and adjust the height of the slider.
thank you Regards

Roland Arnal
Hello cheepewa,
You have to edit css, please add the following in the Custom CSS section in the parameters of the template, hope it will help you:

#header .row2 #companyname, #header .row2 #companyname a,
#header .row2 #companyname,
#header .row2
text-align: center;

The slider heght may be configured in the Template Slider Configuration parameters section, please see the following article for all template parameters:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, aisafecontact the captcha component is not visible with this template as 002034 while working with other templates. thank you to say what to do.

Hello cheepewa,
Sorry, we are not providing free support for any third-party extensions.

Regards, AS Team.
But it is well with your template aicontactsafe the captcha does not work. It works great with other templates.


Roland Arnal
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